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Ritzy Baby offers Baby Bedding individually by the piece or by the set. We also offer rail guards or bumpers in each design we sell, so you can choose what works best for you! 
Ship time is now being done by our own personal Ritzy Baby private turbo jets... HA-we wish! However, we are currently shipping our baby bedding out in app 7-10 business days! 🎉 Yes, we have hired more amazing seamstresses and getting these bedding sets out faster than ever-WITHOUT skimping on the quality. Quality is something we will never skimp on. Compare us to ANY other baby bedding manufacturer on the market and I can promise you, our quality rises to the top! All Made in the USA, so we can personally control the quality before It goes out the door. 
You can choose rail guards or bumpers. If you just want the blanket you can also just add the blanket to your cart.
We set It up this way so people can get what they need. For example, if you just need a sheet and a skirt, you just place those items in your cart one at a time. Makes it simple to get all of what you need and NONE of what you don't need.
 For Example:  To purchase crib sheet and skirt only. Add skirt to your cart and then go back in to the same page and add the sheet. Super easy! 
Then, lastly ALWAYS check our homepage top banner for any coupons etc. We want you to enjoy shopping with us and come back for more. ❤️
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