Product Safety

Ritzy Baby knows that your baby’s safety and comfort in their crib is of the utmost importance to you and we want you to know it also is to us! We want to ease your mind by letting you know that we take every measure possible to make sure that our products meet every safety guideline. You should feel completely confident in the baby bedding you purchase from us. 


We know there’s a ton of information available to you online, and everyone has surely shared their opinion with you while you have been pregnant and unfortunately it doesn’t stop after the babies arrive either. Pacifiers or no pacifiers? To swaddle or not to swaddle? Breast or bottle… so many decisions, and you should feel confident in YOUR decision. What’s best for everyone else and their children, isn't always what's best for you and yours.

You should always feel confident in your purchases, and in all of your choices regarding your children. If you want an opinion, talk to your family and close friends… they will give you real life advice. Chances are, all of their advice will be different too! Most importantly, trust the "Mother's Instinct" you were given, that's why you have It!

We always encourage self educating and really researching what is best for your baby and his/her surroundings. Below is the safety information you will need to know related to our products when creating your baby's nursery. Our industry is constantly re-evaluating and re-defining the standards in product design, development, and safety. It’s important to stay educated, but remember – it's up to you to make the best decision for YOUR family. We always suggest doing your due diligence and purchasing what is best for your family. 

Here’s a few basic tips on creating a SAFE nursery & sleeping environment for your baby, we are giving you the most important tips, but be sure to check out other safety sources for more information. 


  • Make sure your baby’s crib is far from window blinds or anything that could fall into the crib. All art or decorative items placed above the crib should be securely attached.
  • Make sure your crib meets the current safety standards. Slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends that your baby be placed on his/her back on a firm, flat mattress.
  • All soft items in the crib are strongly discouraged (stuffed animals, comforters, pillows, extra blankets, etc).
  • Make sure you do not cover the baby’s face with a blanket. (Duh? Seriously, they say this.)
  • Pillows are décor items and NOT intended for crib use.
  • Crib sheets should fit snugly and securely on the crib mattress.


  • Be aware of anything that can be a strangulation hazard.
  • Make sure that you remove crib gyms and mobiles from the crib when your baby is 5 months old or begins to push up.


  • There’s several wonderful brands of swaddle blankets on the market today, including our own. It is not recommended to use a large blanket or comforter in the crib.


  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that if you use bumpers, do not use the ones that are thick and pillow-like.
  • The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) recommends that bumpers meet the following criteria:
    • Ties no longer than 9”
    • Bumper thickness should not exceed 2”
    • Use 4 separate bumpers
    • Ritzy Baby meets ALL of these requirements.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends against using any excess soft bedding in the cribs (this includes crib bumpers). This is ONLY a recommendation, and we recommend you talk to your pediatrician, friends, and family with THEIR experience as to using crib bumpers too.
    • By purchasing bedding that meets these regulations, parents will be PROTECTING their babies from limb entrapment, abrasions and contusions when safely placed in cribs on their backs to sleep.
    • Ritzy Baby's bumpers are four separate pieces (2 long and 2 short) so that they can be used with conversion cribs, and provide extra ties to SECURELY attach to cribs. Our bumpers also have zippers on the bottom of them (slip-covered) so that they can be removed and washed (see care instructions).
    • Ritzy Baby's ties on the bumpers meet current industry standards of 9”
    • Ritzy Baby's bumpers do NOT exceed the 2” thickness requirement.
    • We also recommend reading JPMA's response on crib bumper safety - Crib Bumper Safety JPMA

    JMPA Bumper Safety Flyer